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    danielle said:
    Merci pour votre superbe travail, c'est magique. Suivi, qualité, rapidité, gentillesse, tout est parfait. Quel professionnalisme ! Magnifique


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    Old photos restoration 6 products

    You have old photos, turned to yellow, damaged, faded or stained and are looking for a high quality and low cost digital repair or restoration in Photoshop, done by a touch up specialist ? Here your are.

    We can rescue your old and so precious photographs, which are year after year, damaged by humidity, light and manipulation.
    We can restore all sort of age testimonials, from simple stain, fade of colors, to stripes and tears. To some extends, we can even recreate missing parts.
    This is not a basic touch up, MyPhotoRescue can really give them all a second life. Aged photos to restore can be either in colors, black and white or sepia.

    We can also scanned (digitize) and rescue, old films, slides, and photographic glass plates.

    We propose three levels of repair and restoration, to select carefully based on the quality, age or deterioration of the media.

    The first restoration level, called Photo basic restoration, has to be selected for old images requiring light restoration and showing not important tear, slit, folding, stripe,or stain.
    This service is perfect for old photographs which have turned to yellow.
    Little defects must not cover critical part of the image, like character's faces and hands and other complex to repair areas. It is well suited for old photos requiring minor scratches ans stains removal, sharpness and contrast enhancement, background restoration, tint adjustement,...

    Example of picture basic restoration. Place the mouse's cursor over the image to display the photo after enhancement:

     Example of lightly damaged photo and basic restoration result

    The second level of photo restoration, called
    Photo standard restoration, has to be selected when slits, foldings, blobs are more important and visible. However, these must not affect the critical zones, like character's faces, or very slightly only. If a significant rebuild of those areas is required, you have to select the advanced restoration level.
    Also, no significant part of the image should miss. This type of defect requires lenghty and manual rebuilding of the image and this is part of the advanced photo restoration service.
    Last, you photo should not be covered by micro cracks, like it happens to photos which have been kept into a pocket or wallet for very long. This is also requiring advanced repair.

    Example of photograph standard restoration. Place the mouse's cursor over the image to display the photo after restoration:

     Example of standard damaged photo and result after being restored

    Finally, the ultimate repair level
    Advanced and complex photo restoration has to be selected for all other cases, particularly as soon as a significant part of the image is missing, or when critical zones, like character faces/hands or complex objects are affected by rips, folds or blots.
    This restoration level has to be selected also for photos with lot of micro craquelures, foldings and splashes.

    Example of advanced/complex restoration of a very damaged photo. Place the mouse's cursor over the image to display the photo after restoration:

    Example of advanced/complex photo restoration

    Also in the photo restoration and repair family, you'll find the Photo colors shift correction service, well suited for old color photos, faded or turned to yellow. Effectively, these often lost colors saturation, vivid colors and contrast. Our graphic artists will brighten up the colors, and correct the color balance and the articificial color gradients.
    Indeed, very small and rare stains or dusts will be removed as well, but the standard or advanced restoration service must be selected instead, if your color photo is significantly damaged.

    Example of a faded photo colors restoration. Place the mouse's cursor over the image to display the photo after recovery of original colors:

    Example of photo colors restoration

    Our prices are very progressive, so you can offer to have all your old photos, slides or negatives restored by retouch experts, at the best market price.