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    danielle said:
    Merci pour votre superbe travail, c'est magique. Suivi, qualité, rapidité, gentillesse, tout est parfait. Quel professionnalisme ! Magnifique


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    Recent photos touching up 7 products

    Recent photos touching up

    Pictures touch up services, using Photoshop: Enhancement of photo portrait, scenery and landscapes. Images splitting for catalogs and Wed sites. Digital editing and processing, assembly of color and black and white photographs.

    Your photo albums and photo CDs are under-estimated treasures. Mainly every picture, scanned print or digital image, requires to be touched-up by a specialist to reveal all its potential.
    We can touch up of all sort of flaws on color and B&W photos. From contrast and color adjustment, sharpness improvement, removal of elements, up to the most complex optimization of portraits, modeling of body, high color rendering of landscapes...

    We'll talk about cosmetic retouch when it consists of retouching a face (eg digital makeup) or a body (eg thinning without plastic surgery). Everything is possible, from removal of a lock of hairs or a mole, to the of change skin color and artificial aging or rejuvenation of a person.

    The industrial photo editing consists to knock out an object to put it on a white background (or other solid colors). So the image can be used in a paper catalog or website, after sharpening, rendering, brightness increase, and removal of reflections and dusts.

    We don't use or propose free photo retouching software or pluggin. What they produce is often low quality. Our work is manual, image per image, unique. Our prices are however among the most competitive. "Cheap" does not always mean low quality. By the way, at you don't pay until your are fully satisfied with our work (see our terms and conditions).

    The Photo standard touching up service, proposed at a very competitive price, is well adapted to high volume of photos to touch up. This is typically the case for weddings photos, taken by non-professional photographers. Usually those nice images can get a much better look after editing and enhancement. We brighten the colors, apply lighting correction, adjust the contrast and increase sharpness or soften romantic portraits, crop and re-frame if required. Premium price service, for an amazing and guaranteed result.

    Optimized portrait is a digital facial touch up or cosmetic enhancement. A marvellous gift idea for young ladies and/or birthdays. offer to you friends, a large format print or poster on high quality photo paper, of their portrait touched up like we do for stars. We'll remove skin blemishes such as spots or pimples, soften the grain, remove unsightly shine from the skin , enhanced the look (eyes), correct the lighting and shadows... Each portrait is touched up manually and individually, taking care of your instructions and whishes (digital makeup on request).

    For those who would like to gain a few years, we propose a painless digital lifting called Look younger. Corrected or removed wrinkles, soften skin, hidden flaws and blemishes, whiten teeth, double chin corrected, we can even change hairs color on request...

    Also in this "Photos touching up" category, you'll also find our photo editing services. It is about removing one part of the image, and making this edition undetectable. For exemple, to remove a street light and make the correction invible.
    We propose two levels of edition, depending on the work complexity: The first level Disturbing background item removal can be choosen for the replacement of objects located in front of color flat areas, like the sky.
    The second level of photo editing, Advanced removal of complex elements on photos, can be choosen for the replacement of objects located in front of the main subject, like characters or in front of non uniforme areas (trees, material, cloth, furniture, roof...). Effectively, in these situations, the rebuilbing of the image will be more complex and lengthy, in order to remain unnoticed.